Jeff Kamikow Provides Five Tips for Supporting Your Child Athlete

Multi-ethnic children holding soccer trophies

On many weekends and some weeknights in the summer, Jeff Kamikow can be found coaching his son’s baseball team. As a former collegiate athlete himself, Jeff has seen his fair share of good parents and those that may have needed some coaching themselves.

If you are a parent of a student who plays baseball, football, softball, basketball, or soccer, you might be wondering what is considered good behavior during a game, what kind of motivation and support you should provide your child, and how you can teach your child good sportsmanship. Obviously, your own situation will be your own so you may have to make some changes, but here are some common tips for parents of kids in any sport.

Be On Time: Punctuality is an important part of many parts of life, including sports. Please try to bring your child on time, so he or she can get as much practice with the team as possible.

Don’t Coach or Yell at Refs from the Stands: Your job is to support your child. Remember that everyone makes mistakes – even coaches and refs. Try to remain positive and cheer for the whole team and be a good example for your child.

Always Have Fun: Coach Jeff Kamikow always tells his kids to have fun. Sports are supposed to be fun. While you should certainly make sure your child takes it seriously to help his or her teammates, being too serious just takes away from the game, which nobody wants. Remember, it’s just a game.





Published:September 13, 2016


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