Jeff Kamikow Journal

Want to learn more about Jeff Kamikow? Well, you’re at the right place! Welcome to Jeff Kamikow’s personal online journal that will keep you up to speed. First things first, let’s go over a brief bio of Jeff Kamikow to learn who he is! Kamikow is an experienced digital marketing and advertising specialist with almost two decades of industry involvement. He began his career back in 1993 after he graduated from Southern Illinois University and accepted a position in the print industry at PC World magazine. At the time, computers and the digital landscape were just beginning to explode onto the scene, so it was an exciting time to dive into the industry.

After Kamikow learned the ins and outs of PC World, he accepted a position with Ziff-Davis Media, which publishes PCMag, which at the time, was one of the front running brands during the digital media boom. While at Ziff-Davis Media, Kamikow took on a great amount of responsibility during his seven-year run and managed offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Wanting to explore more opportunities within the realms of digital media, Kamikow transitioned to the National Advertising Director of two Time Inc. properties – Field & Stream and Outdoor Life brands.  In the first 18 months, Kamikow set the framework of the digital success of the brands by building a digital revenue stream of $5 million.

Kamikow started to express interest in the technical side of digital marketing and became the vice president of sales at Pulse 360, a data-driven ad technology company. During his time at Pulse 360, Kamikow oversaw approximately $55 million in revenue stream and worked with a variety of large publishers in the United States. In 2011, he saw an opportunity to explore emerging mobile trends and accepted an executive position at Verve Mobile. Verve Mobile was an innovative company that was the first to crack the mobile advertising code! Continuing Kamikow’s interest in mobile platforms, he became the chief revenue officer at Lyfe Mobile, which had similar methods and approaches as Verve. After Lyfe Mobile was successfully acquired by blinkx, Kamikow moved on to Go2mobi as the chief revenue officer.

As Go2mobi keeps Kamikow busy, he also started Kamikow Media Group (KGM) that serves as his creative outlet for media consulting. Outside of his professional scope of work, Kamikow enjoys rounds of golf, playing tennis and coaching his son’s baseball team near his home in the NYC area. Now that you know some background information about Kamikow, you can get updates and insight by visiting his personal online journal!